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Phoduit does a lot more than just process RAW images. But that's one of the most important parts when it comes to getting the most out of your images. It gives you a larger tonal range to work with and you can recover detail that would otherwise be clipped. We know how important this is so we've worked hard to support as many different camera models as we can.

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Sneak Peak: Gradient Node

In the next update for Phoduit, we're introducing the Gradient node. It's a node that fills an entire image with a gradual change between two or more colors. This node is almost always used in conjunction with the Blend node where it can provide a backdrop, mask, or colored overlay.

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How To: Split Tone

Split toning is the process of changing the tones of the bright and dark parts of an image into two different colors. It was originally performed in a darkroom using chemicals. Now days, the effect is performed digitally. It's usually applied to greyscale images for artistic effect, but the same process can also be applied to color images as one approach to color grading.

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