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Phoduit 0.8.1 Beta

Today, we've released the first update to Phoduit since the start of the beta. We've been working hard toward the full release and have made a handful of improvements.

One big new feature is the introduction of the Gradient node. It's a node used to fill an image with incremental changes in color. It's often used to produce beautiful backgrounds or as a mask to simulate a graduated filter. For more details, see our recent blog post Sneak Peak: Gradient Node or the included book The Phoduit Manual.

We also reworked the The Phoduit Manual so that it's easier to use. First, we split the chapters into smaller sections. Before we made this change, a few of the chapters had pages loaded with too many videos. On some computers, these pages were slow or unresponsive. Everything now loads much faster and runs smoother. Next, we added a sidebar with a copy of the table of contents to every page so that you can quickly jump around topics. Having an effective way to learn Phoduit is a top priority for us so expect to see more improvements in the future.

The Phoduit Manual's new sidebar

Of course, there has also been a handful of bug fixes, support for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus), and internal improvements in preparation for the SDK (Software Development Kit) and plugin support. For a full change log, login and check out the download page. If you don't already have Phoduit, now is a great time! Save 50% during the beta by buying now!


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