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Phoduit 0.8.2 Beta

Introducing Phoduit 0.8.2, now available for download! If you've already bought Phoduit, just login to get it now. Otherwise, get started with a free trial.

Phoduit does a lot of caching behind the scenes so that when you make a change to an image, you can see what happens as soon as possible. In this update, we've made the caching system much more intelligent. Everything now loads faster, especially when resizing the canvas or working with RAW images.

In relation to the new caching system, you can now set the maximum amount of memory available to the cache in the Performance section of the Preferences dialog. This makes working with very large projects much more manageable because you don't have to keep a close eye on your memory usage. In some cases, it was possible to run out of memory which caused massive slow downs as cached work was being swapped on and off your hard drive. This setting allows you to avoid the issue, resulting in as much as a 100,000 times performance increase!

A common use of Phoduit involves batch resizing images. The Scale node has does this job wonderfully when all of the images had the same size. When working with images of different sizes, or those that were rotated, they often had to be processed separately to avoid appearing squished. The Scale node now has an Aspect Ratio field that makes it simple to process images of different sizes without them becoming distorted.

Comparison of aspect ratio options

We've also fixed a bunch of bugs. For a full change log, login and checkout the download page.


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