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How to: Batch Resize Images

When working with sets of images, it's very common to resize them to fit inside a document, webpage, email, etc. This can be a tedious practice if you have to resize more than one. Phoduit makes this process much faster by performing batch processing. We'll cover the entire process of how to scale an image and then how to extend the process to quickly scale an entire set of images. If you are new to Phoduit, check out the free trial. This how to assumes you have some familiarity with Phoduit and have worked through the getting started page first.

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How To: Split Tone

Split toning is the process of changing the tones of the bright and dark parts of an image into two different colors. It was originally performed in a darkroom using chemicals. Now days, the effect is performed digitally. It's usually applied to greyscale images for artistic effect, but the same process can also be applied to color images as one approach to color grading.