Learn Phoduit

To help you learn photo editing with Phoduit, we've put together this ebook. Designed for beginners and experts alike, it's a complete course on photo editing. Follow along with over 100 short videos that make learning this valuable skill easy.

A complete copy of this ebook is included with Phoduit. Follow along or use it as a quick reference — even when offline. Just select a chapter inside of Phoduit using the Help menu at the top.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Learn about what Phoduit is and how to get further help.

Chapter2. Getting Started

Learn the very basics of Phoduit. If you've never used Phoduit before, start here.

Chapter 3. User Interface

Learn all about Phoduit's user interface. This includes many common operations like connecting/disconnecting nodes (quickly) and how to manipulate the background image (known as the canvas).

Chapter4. Essentials

Learn about what an image is and how to correct many common problems.

  • Is your image too dark?
  • Do you need to change the composition?
  • Need to fix a color cast?
  • Want to add a color cast?
  • Too blurry?

Check out this chapter.

Chapter 5. Localized Editing

Learn how to blend multiple images together and all about masks. Then, combine the two to reduce your edits to just where you want them.

Chapter 6. Retouching

Learn how to remove blemishes or objects and make select features stand out.

Chapter 7. RAW Images

Learn how RAW images differ from typical images and how to do the extra processing needed to get the most out of them.

Chapter 8. Output

Learn some best practices on getting your images out of Phoduit so that you can share them.

Chapter 9. Nodes

Learn what each node does and how it's used.