Learn Phoduit

2.1 Adding an image

Let’s start by importing an image to work with. Left click the “Input” button in the top left with the camera icon and a pop-up menu will appear. We want to import an image so left click “Image Open” and you will notice a new node appear in the middle of the screen.

This new node is an Image Open node and it’s used for importing images into Phoduit. To import an image, left click the “Select Image File” button at the bottom of the Image Open node. A file selection dialog will appear. Select any JPEG, PNG, or TIFF file and then click the “Open” button to confirm your selection and close the dialog. You should notice a small thumbnail of the image you selected inside of the Image Open node. This indicates that the image was imported successfully.

Phoduit keeps a copy of the images you have imported and stores them with your .phoduit document when you save your work. Thus, you are free to move, backup or delete the original image as you see fit without interrupting your work inside of Phoduit.

Raw ImagesRaw image files often provide more editing flexibility but are also more complicated to work with. We’ll cover them in-depth later in the chapter Raw Images.