Learn Phoduit

2.5 Exporting your finished work

It’s important to keep in the mind that .phoduit files can only be opened with Phoduit. To share your edited photos with other people or to do further processing with another application, you need to export.

To export your work, left click “File” on the menu in the top left and then left click “Export Image As…” in the pop-up menu. Then navigate to where you want to export your image. You can select a file type, but for now, just type in “Getting Started.jpg”, and then click the “Export” button. You will then be prompted with another dialog with various JPEG exporting options but the defaults are fine for our purpose. Left click the “Export” button and Phoduit will then prepare a full quality image and save it as a JPEG for you.

When exporting, keep in mind that the image that will be exported is always the one connected to the Render node.

See Export Image for a detailed description on exporting and all of the various exporting options.