Learn Phoduit

Chapter 1. Introduction

Phoduit is the only non-destructive photo editor built from the ground up to give you full control of your post-processing pipeline. By taking advantage of modern processing power, we built a photo editor that gives you creative freedom to explore and refine your photographs. With Phoduit’s unique interface, all editing is done in such a way that you can go back and modify your images in any order – making changes becomes trivial instead of a repetitive chore.

“Phoduit Manual” was written as a guide to using Phoduit for both novices and professionals. Everyone should read Chapter 2. Getting Started, for a quick overview. If you’re new to photo editing, we recommend you continue reading to get an idea of how to approach editing your own photos. More experienced users might want to scan through Chapter 3. User Interface for an overview of the user interface, Chapter 9. Nodes to get a sense of what each node does and then begin experimenting.

Videos & AnimationThis book often uses videos and animation to walk you through Phoduit. If you have trouble seeing these, try updating your web browser.

1.1 Getting help

Eventually you might get stuck and not know how to do something. We’ve all been there. If you can’t find a solution in this book, try our website and YouTube pages where we regularly post new tips, tricks, and how-tos.

Still need more help? Reach out to us directly by email or Twitter.

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1.2 Phoduit beta

Thanks for checking out the Phoduit beta! We think we’ve built something amazing but we aren’t done – and won’t be even when Phoduit launches. Please send us your feedback for both Phoduit and this book so that we can continue making improvements.

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–The Phoduit Team