Learn Phoduit

3.4 Batch Process Images

You can process a bunch of images at once using the current graph by going to the File Menu at the top of the Main Window and left click “Batch Process Images…”. Batch processing images is very similar to exporting a single image. The final output is still the image connected to the Render node but you can select a Image Open node or Raw Image Open node that will be replaced with each image you want to process.

Add images to be processed by clicking the “Add Images…” or “Add Directory…” buttons on the “Images” tab. The “Add Images…” button lets you select one or more images in a single directory and the “Add Directory…” button adds all images in a directory (sub-directories are also searched recursively). All of the images you have added are listed in the table, along with a preview of what they will look like once processed.

You can select the output directory, name, and format in the bottom half of the “Images” tab.

Output Directory
The output directory can be changed by right-clicking the “…” button to the right or by typing in a path manually. If the output directory does not already exist, Phoduit will attempt to create it.
Output Name
The form of each processed image’s output file name can be built using any combination of sequence numbers, text, or properties from the original file such as its name or the date and time it was created. Left click the “New” button to add a new field, use the up and down arrows on the right to re-order fields, and the X on the far right to delete a field.
Output Format
Select the output file format. Either JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. The available options for the selected file format are identical to those found under Export Image.

If you have more than one Image Open node or Raw Image Open node in your graph, you can select which ones will be replaced by the images you want to process under the “Graph” tab. Either change the selected nodes using the combo boxe(s) on the left or by left clicking the nodes on the right.

Left click the “Batch Process” button at the bottom to begin processing your images. A progress dialog will be displayed that shows you which images have been processed and which remain. The time it takes to process your images can vary widely depending on the size of each of your input images and on the nodes in your graph.