Learn Phoduit

3.5 Export Graph Image

You can export the Graph as a PNG image. This is useful for sharing how you edited a photo with other people who don’t have Phoduit or if you don’t want to share the .phoduit document.

To export your photo, go to the File Menu at the top of the Main Window and left click “Export Graph Image…”. Here you select where you want to save your exported graph image. The graph image will always be saved as an 8-bit depth RGBA format PNG file. After selecting a location to save the PNG file, you are given the opportunity to customize how the graph looks. A scaled preview is shown to give you a sense of what the exported graph image will look like. Left click the “Export” button when you are done to save the graph image to your hard drive.

Spacing in pixels from the edge of the image to the edge of the graph.
Background Color
Color used to fill everything behind the graph.
Background Grid
Whether to include a grid behind the graph.
Grid Major Color
Color of the horizontal and vertical lines widely spaced out from each other.
Grid Minor Color
Color of the horizontal and vertical lines between the Grid Major lines.
Phoduit Watermark
Whether to show “Phoduit” over the lower right.