Learn Phoduit

3.6 Print

You can print your finished images directly from Phoduit using your printer. The image that is printed is always the one connected to the Render node. To print your photo, make sure you have the correct image connected and then go to the File Menu at the top of the Main Window and left click “Print…”. A dialog will appear where you can select which printer you want to print with and format how your image will appear on the page.

Color and ContrastYou might notice that your image looks flat when printed on paper compared to when displayed on your monitor. This is because ink on paper cannot produce the range of brightness that your monitor can. You can compensate somewhat by using the Soft Proof node to simulate a print on your screen and then make further color adjustments. Calibrated color profiles for both your monitor and your printer are required.

Left click the “Print” button to save your print settings and begin printing your image. Left click “Ok” to just save your print settings so they’ll be ready next time you want to print.

The units to work in when specifying page size, image position, and image size.

Printer Setup

The printer you want to use to print your image.

Page Layout

Page Size
The page size to print to. The available choices vary by printer.
The direction of your page. You’ll usually want “Portrait” for tall images and “Landscape” for wide images. The actual orientation can vary by page size. Make sure to use the preview on the left as your guide.

Position and Size


Where on the page your image should be placed.

  • Center: The middle of the page.
  • Custom: Specify position relative to the top left corner of the page.

How big your image should be on the page.

  • Fit Page: Make your image as big as possible but still fit on the page. This might cause your image to get cut off because most printers cannot print within a small margin near the edge of the page.
  • Fit Printable Area: Make your image as big as possible but fit within the area the printer can actually print to.
  • Custom: Specify width or height. The aspect ratio of your original image is always retained.

Color Management

Color Handling

How colors should be managed before being sent to the printer.

  • Phoduit: Have Phoduit transform your image to CMYK using the specified Printer Profile (see below).
  • Print System: Let your operating system and print drivers perform any color transformation.
Printer Profile
The CMYK color profile for your printer. See Manage Color Profiles… to import your color profile if it isn’t listed here.
Rendering Intent
How colors should be transformed to the CMYK color space. The actual result of this setting often differs by color profile. You will usually want to set this to “Saturation”.
Rendering Intent Usage Description


Hue is saved at the cost of saturation and lightness.

Relative Colorimetric

Saturation and lightness are saved at the cost of hue.


Recommended for printing

Hue and saturation are maintained at the cost of lightness.

Absolute Colorimetric

Hue and lightness are maintained at the cost of saturation.

Black Point Compensation
Remap grey balance to print medium. This does not work with most color profiles unless the Rendering Intent is set to “Relative Colorimetric”.
Soft Proof
Check to see a simulated preview of how your image will look when printed. Color Handling must be set to “Phoduit”.
Out of Gammut
Check to see which colors in your image cannot be accurately reproduced using the selected Printer Profile. Soft Proof must be checked.